Thursday, October 1, 2009

Week 37: Colors

Ojibwe Colors

Traditionally, these are the words used for the Ojibwe colors:

miskozi(wag) - S/he is red
makadewizi(wag) - S/he is black
ozhaawashkozi(wag) - S/he is blue, green
waabishkizi(wag) - S/he is white
ozaawizi(wag) - S/he is brown, yellow, orange

miskwaa(wan) - It is red
makadewaa(wan) - It is black
ozhaawashkwaa(wan) - It is blue, green
waabishkaa(wan) - It is white
ozaawaa(wan) - It is brown, yellow, orange

As you can see, there can be more than one color per word.  Recently, schools have begun to search for words to separate the colors.  The colors presented here are the colors used at some schools.  These may vary from school to school as some of them are new inventions.  These are the color words we want you to use:

miskozi(wag) - S/he is red.
makadewizi(wag) - S/he is black.
ozhaawashkozi(wag) - S/he is blue.
aniibiishkozi(wag) - S/he is green.
waabishkizi(wag) - S/he is white
ozaawizi(wag) - S/he is yellow.
miskozaawizi(wag) - S/he is orange.
makadewizaawizi(wag) - S/he is brown.
gegaamakadewizi(wag) - S/he is gray.
oginaanzo(wag) - S/he is pink.
miiningozi(wag) - S/he is purple.

miskwaa(wan) - It is red.
makadewaa(wan) - It is black.
ozhaawashkwaa(wan) - It is blue.
aniibiishkaande(wan) - It is green.
waabishkaa(wan) - It is white
ozaawaa(wan) - It is yellow.
miskozaawaa(wan) - It is orange.
makadewizaawaa(wan) - It is brown.
gegaamakade(wan) - It is gray.
oginiiwaande(wan) - It is pink.
miininganaande(wan) - It is purple.

Some games to play using the Ojibwe Colors List:
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