Monday, June 22, 2009

Week 24: River Life and Fishing

We want you to read Paul Buffalo's Story on River Life and Fishing.

Week 24: Ojibwe Fish

Giigoo(yag) – Fish

Ashigan(ag) - bass
Ginoozhe(g) - northern pike
Ogaa(wag) - walleye
Namebin(ag) - suckerfish
Agwadaashi(wag) - sunfish
Asaawens(ag) - perch
Awaazisii(g) - bullhead
Gidagwadaashi(wag) - crappie

Wewebanaabi - S/he is fishing (with a rod and reel).

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Monday, June 15, 2009

Week 23: Ojibwe Birds

Bineshii(yag) – Bird

Migizi(wag) - bald eagle
Gookooko’oo(g) - owl
Maang(wag) - loon
Baaka’aakwe(yag) - chicken
Opichi(wag) - robin
Zhiishiib(ag) - duck
Aandeg(wag) - crow
Nika(g) - Canadian goose
Diindiisi(wag) - bluejay

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Week 22: Bears Article

I want you to read Paul Peter Buffalo's story on Bears.

Really think about what he says about the importance of respecting the bears and the history of Anishinaabe people working in the forest.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Week 22: Ojibwe Animals

Awesii(yag) – wild animal
Awakaan(ag) - domesticated animal

Mishtadim(oog) - horse
Gookoosh(ag) - pig
Mikinaak(wag) - turtle
Maanishtaanish(ag) - sheep
Ginebig(oog) - snake
Amik(wag) - beaver
Makwa(g) - bear
Zhigaag(wag) - skunk
Waabooz(oog) - rabbit
Ma’iingan(ag) - wolf
Gaag(wag) - porcupine
Animosh(ag) - dog
Mashkode-biizhiki(wag) - buffalo
Gaazhagens(ag) - cat
Bizhiki(wag) - cow
Omakakii(g) - frog
Waawaabiganoojii(yag) - mouse
Esiban(ag) - raccoon
Ajidamoo(g) - squirrel
Waawaashkeshi(wag) - deer
Waagosh(ag) - fox

Awenen wayaabamad? Whom do you see?

Niwaabamaa __________. I see a ___________.

Some games to play using the Ojibwe Animals List:
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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Week 21: Town Map

Your project for today is to make a places Town map.

Poster Board
Pictures of buildings (printed off the internet or cut out of magazines)
Glue (or tape)
Word List (you can print it off this page)


Cut out your pictures. Place your pictures on your poster board. Say the names of each place in Ojibwe as you put them down. Don't do this quietly. Cut out the words of the places (in Ojibwe only) from your word list and place them in front of the buildings they represent. Once you have everything the way you want it, glue/tape it together. Using your markers, draw a road around your town. Hang your poster up. Study these words daily. Remember, once you learn the Ojibwe word for something, that's only what you should use.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Week 21: Buildings

This week's lesson is places.

Wigamig(oon) - Building
Aaniindi ezhaayan? __________ nindizhaa.
Where are you going? I’m going to __________.

To say: ‘to’, ‘from’, or ‘in’ you must add –ong at the end of the word. This is known as the locative. For example: Gabe-gikendaasoo-wigamigong nindizhaa – I am going to the college.

gabe-gikendaasoo-wigamig(oon) - college
gikino’amaadii-wigamig(oon) - school
zhooniyaa-wigamig(oon) - bank
mazinaate-webinige-wigamig(oon) - movie theatre
dibaakonige-wigamig(oon) - court house
mashkikiiwi-adaawe-wigamig(oon) - drug store
odaabaanii-wigamig(oon) - garage
waasamoo-bimide-ziiginige-wigamig(oon) - gas station
biiwaabikoodaawe-wigamig(oon) - hardware store
aakozii-wigamig(oon) - hospital
noogishkaa-wigamig(oon) - hotel, motel
agindaasoo-wigamig(oon) - library
ozhibii’ige-wigamig(oon) - office
mazina’iganii-wigamig(oon) - post office
wiisini-wigamig(oon) - restaurant>BR? adaawe-wigamig(oon) - store
baapaagokozhiwewigamig(oon) - barber shop