Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Week 36: Days and Months

Days and Months

            The days of the week and months of the year vary from reserve to reserve.  We have decided to use the same words for days and months as used by the University of Minnesota, MCTC, and the Ojibwe Language Society that puts out those calendars that are very popular.  For the exact terms of your reserve or area, please contact a fluent speaker of that area.

Days of the Week
Aaniin ezhi-giizhigak noongom? - 
What day is it today?

Sunday - Anama’e-giizhigad (Praying day)
Monday - Nitam-anokii-giizhigad (The first day of work)

Tuesday - Niizho-giizhigad (The second day)
Wednesday - Aabitoose (The middle of the week)                    
Thursday - Niiyo-giizhigad (The fourth day)                      
Friday - Naano-giizhigad (The fifth day)
Saturday - Giziibiigisaginige-giizhigad (Floor Scrubbing day)

Months of the Year
Aaniin ezhinikaazod noongom giizis? - What month is it now?

January - Gichi-manidoo-giizis (Great Spirit Moon)
February - Namebini-giizis (Suckerfish Moon)                                
March - Onaabani-giizis (Hard Crust on the Snow Moon)
April - Iskigamizige-giizis (Maple Sap Boiling Moon)                        
May - Zaagibagaa-giizis (Budding Moon)                        
June - Ode'imini-giizis (Strawberry Moon)
July - Aabita-niibino-giizis (Midsummer Moon)
August - Manoominike-giizis (Wild Ricing Moon)
September - Waatebagaa-giizis (Leaves Changing Colors Moon)
October - Binaakwi-giizis (Falling Leaves Moon)                                
November - Gashkadino-giizis (Freezing Moon)                      
December - Manidoo-giizisoons (Little Spirit Moon)