Monday, March 16, 2009

Week 11: The Past and Future Tenses

Today we're going to talk about saying I did do it, and I want to do it.

To do that, we use Wii and Gii before the verb.

We use "wii" to say "want" and "gii" to say that you did it in the past.

Now, when you use wii and gii, there is an initial consonant change.

These are the changes:
B turns into P
D turns into T
G turns into K
J turns into CH
Z turns into S
ZH turns into SH

These are the verbs we will use:
giigido - S/he is talking.
bimose - S/he is walking.
baapi - S/he is laughing.
bimibatoo - S/he is running.
wiisini - S/he is eating.
minikwe - S/he is drinking.
odamino - S/he is playing.
anokii - S/he is working.
nagamo - S/he is singing.
niimi - S/he is dancing.

Wii-kiigido. - S/he wants to talk.
Wii-pimose. - S/he wants to walk.
Wii-paapi. - S/he wants to laugh.
Wii-pimibatoo. - S/he wants to run.
Wii-minikwe. - S/he wants to drink.
Wii-odamino. - S/he wants to play.
Wii-anokii. - S/he wants to work.
Wii-nagamo. - S/he wants to sing.
Wii-niimi. - S/he wants to dance.

Gii-kiigido. - S/he talked.
Gii-pimose. - S/he walked.
Gii-paapi. - S/he laughed.
Gii-pimibatoo. - S/he ran.
Gii-minikwe. - S/he drank.
Gii-odamino. - S/he played.
Gii-anokii. - S/he worked.
Gii-nagamo. - S/he sang.
Gii-niimi. - S/he danced.

Some games to play using the Everyday Actions and Tenses List:
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