Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Week 11: Personal Indicators and the Tenses

Now it's time to learn the personal indicators and the tenses.

To say I want to you add "ni" before "wii" and then you add the verb.

To say I did, you add "nin" before "gii" and then you add the verb.

Remember the changes:
B turns into P
D turns into T
G turns into K
J turns into CH
Z turns into S
ZH turns into SH

Niwii-kiigid. - I want to talk.
Giwii-kiigid. - You want to talk.
Wii-kiigido. - S/he wants to talk.
Niwii-kiigidomin. - We (exclusive) want to talk.
Giwii-kiigidomin. - We (inclusive) want to talk.
Wii-kiigidowag. - They want to talk.

Ningii-pimose. - I walked.
Gigii-pimose. - You walked.
Gii-pimose. - S/he walked.
Ningii-pimosemin. - We (exclusive) walked.
Gigii-pimosemin. - We (inclusive) walked.
Gii-pimosewag. - They walked.