Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Week 4: Introducing Yourself

You will find that you will have to introduce yourself more than you think you do.  So it is important, when speaking Ojibwe, to do it in a proper way.

We must use the humbling statement first.   

Gaawiin aapiji ninitaa-ojibwemosii. - I don’t know how to talk Ojibwe very much.

Ninga-gagwejitoon ji ojibwemoyaan. - I'll try talking Ojibwe.

Dan Jones was one of my Ojibwe teachers and he explains why you must use the humbling statement. “When you realize the language is a gift, then you accept the gift humbly and the way that you share it is by giving it away.  The humbling statement describes your humility, and your appreciation of the gift the Creator gave to you, and so when you do that, even before you identify, who you are, what you are, where you come from.” – Dan Jones

Dan Jones' dad taught him that there are three protocol you should use when you introduce yourself. You should say your spiritual name, your clan, and where you are from.

_______________ nindizhinikaaz. - My name is _________________.

_______________ nindigoo ojibwemong. - My name in Ojibwe is _________________.

_________ nindoodem. - My clan is _________________.

Gaawiin ningikenimaasii nindoodem. - I don't know my clan.

_______________ nindoonjibaa. - I come from _________________.

_______________ nindaa. - I live in _________________.

Dan Jones explains it here.

Click here to hear Sonny McDougall talk about introducing yourself.

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