Monday, January 5, 2009

Week 1: Match Game

One activity you can try is the match game.

First, we want you to take some note cards and on only one side, we want you to write the Ojibwe words down. So you will have 8 cards with the Ojibwe words on them. Take 8 more cards now and write the English words on them. Mix them up with the blank side showing.

With a friend now, you can play the match game. So you have all the cards laid out in front of you and a friend. Each takes a turn flipping two cards over. You have to match the Ojibwe word to it's English meaning.

When you pick up the Ojibwe word, you must say the word with proper pronunciation. For example, if you pick up daga, you must say that in Ojibwe. Then you must say, "I need to find please." Then if you pick up "please" you have a match and you get to go again. It is important to say these words out loud. If you pick up another English word, for example, "thanks," you have to say, no, that is mii gwech." Then it is the other person's turn.

When all of the matches are made, whomever has the most, wins.