Thursday, January 8, 2009

Week 2 - More Basic Vocabulary

How are you doing so far learning? So far you've learned about why we must know the Ojibwe language, and some basic words.


Don't move ahead to today's lesson if you haven't mastered the previous lessons.

Now for some more basics.

Aaniin ezhinikaazoyan? - What’s your name? (How are you called?)

REMEMBER, the e makes the "ay" sound. (very important)

__________ nindizhinikaaz. - My name is ___________.

Aaniin ezhinikaazod? - What's his/her name?

________________ izhinikaazo. - His/her name is _______________.

There is no word for good bye, but giga-waabamin miinawaa is often used.

Giga-waabamin miinawaa. - I'll see you again.

Giga-waabamin naagaj. - I'll see you later.

Some games to play using the More Basic Vocab List:
Flashcards, Study Stack, Study Table, Matching, Crossword, Word Scramble, Bug Match, Hungry Bug

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