Monday, January 5, 2009

Week 1: A Few Basic Words

It's easier to learn a language WITH someone else. That way you can repeat the words over and over again. If you do not repeat the words over and over again and just memorize them, there's a chance that as you increase your vocabulary, you will lose some words that you have already learned. You have to USE the language.

Starting out with a few basic words:

Boozhoo 1 - Hi

Aaniin - Hi or How?

"Boozhoo' is the traditional greeting of the Anishinabe people. It is derived from the name "Waynaboozhoo", the Spirit Being that first walked the earth for the Creator who we know as "G'zhemanitou" or Great Kind Spirit." -- Eddie Benton Banai

Listening to Ojibwe spoken is the best way to learn it. Anytime we can put on my own audio or find audio online we are going to do it.

We found an "Aaniin Boozhoo" song we want you to listen to. We think someone at the University of Wisconsin put that one up.

There are a couple other songs called "Aaniin Boozhoo Kina Weya," and Ojibwemowin Song for Kids that we want you to listen to. Keep playing these songs along with the Boozhoo Boozhoo Aaniin song posted earlier, until you learn how to pronounce and remember boozhoo and aaniin.

When you learn the basic word list, help your family members learn these words, and from then on, you will not use the English for these words at home, but the Ojibwe only.

More Basic Words to Learn:
Eya' 1 - Yes

Gaawiin - No

Ahaw- Ok

Howa - Good job

Mii gwech - Thanks

Daga - Please

Those 8 words should give you a good start. For pronunciation, click on each word and watch the video above.

Using the dictionary you should have downloaded in a previous post, make a word list using these words. Practice them using the flashcard option there. You can also print your word list from there. Print it and tape it on the fridge so that you will be reminded to use those words daily. Daga learn them before you move on to the next word list.

Some games to play using the Basic Words List:
Flashcards, Study Stack, Study Table, Matching, Crossword, Word Scramble, Bug Match, Hungry Bug

Waaby Wagner playing Hungry Bug using the Basic Words List.

Each week we will put in an Ojibwe Jeopardy Game to help you study.  This will include questions from the word list from that week and the selected readings/videos.

Week 1 Ojibwe Jeopardy and Ojibwe Who Wants to be a Millionaire

Remember now, while at home, you must use these words instead of the English words.

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